When we imagined the FlexBike system, we wanted to provide a solution that was as simple as possible to install and maintain as well as being easy to use for the travelling public.

Bike stations can be installed quickly, and without any cabling if you chose the solar powered option. It is so easy to remove and install a station that its is even possible to move the stations according to seasonal demand. For example, during the summer holidays remove some stations from the university and put them by the beach.

  • Complete ,"Off the shelf" solution
  • 100% automatic
  • Simple to use
  • Feature rich software solution
  • Real-time localisation of bikes/empty locks.
  • Full access to transactions data
  • Easily expandable
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Solar power for cable free installation
  • Choose you own bicycles - Compatible with most bicycles
  • Modular design means it's easier and less expensive to provide a denser network of bicycle stations.
  • Possibility to integrate the system with existing "smart card" ticketing systems
  • Interoperability between FlexBike based services
  • Low cost