Many businesses could benefit from providing short distance transport solutions for their staff.

These needs could arise because the business is located a short distance from local amenities : bank, post office, restaurants. Maybe the business has a number of sites within a business district.

Providing a fleet of bikes available to your staff could represent significant gain in the time taken by employees to make these short trips in the course of their daily business.

However, pool bikes schemes are notoriously difficult to mange as it is not easy to keep track of the bikes and bicycle maintenance.

A dedicated FlexBike service can help a business to provide reliable cycling facilities for its employees.

Thanks to a fully automated system, each employee can have access to a bicycle at any moment, and is responsible for the bike that he/she has borrowed. Additionally, the employer can have access to the data from the system and can see which of the staff are using the system regularly.

Potential benefits:

  • Time savings for small trips. Often these small trips would previously have been undertaken by car.
  • Savings on pool car costs
  • Opportunity for staff to improve health and fitness.
  • Demonstrates the company's commitment to act on environmental concerns.

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