Bike Stations

In order to optimise the use of the space available FlexBike racks are designed to use as little space as possible. They are available for 8 or 4 bicycles, which can be combined to create the bicycle rental station that you require: for 4–8–12–16–20 bicycles etc..

We can also design and supply personalised totems and signs to ensure that your bicycle stations are as visible as possible.

Separate payment terminals will be available shortly. These will allow users to register on the system using a credit card.


1. Frame

Frame made from stainless steel tubing (Ø 60.3mm). 3 uprights with pedestal base, anchored using three 12mm Ø rawl bolts per upright. A FlexBike rack of 8 self-service bicycles occupies a space of only 3.6m x 3.20m.

2. Console

Each rack is equipped with a rental console which allows the users to acces the system and rent bicycles. It contains a GSM/GPRS modem which connects to the server, an electronic card reader unit, a simple LCD screen and a keypad. It has been designed to use as little electricity as possible to allow the use of solar power.

3. Lock Unit

An electromechanical unit which locks and unlocks the bicycles. Each lock unit is equipped with an RFID reader which allows it to identify each bicycle rented or returned, thanks to the RFID chip placed in the tip of the bicycle's lock spike.

4 & 5. Solar Panel and batteries

FlexBike units equipped with a solar panel and batteries can function without any cabling whatsoever. The units can also be connected to mains electricity, or recharge overnight from a connection to a nearby street lighting circuit.


A lock spike compatible with the lock units allows the bicycle to be secured to the bicycle rack. An RFID chip located in the tip of the lock spike permits the bicycle to be identified by the lock units.

A simple combination bicycle lock (4 digits) is fixed to each bicycle. This allows the bicycles to be parked securely when away from a bicycle-station. The lock’s combination code is communicated to the user on the screen of the terminal during the rental procedure.

The bicycle locking system was designed to ensure compatibility with most adult sized bicycles: the lock spike (with a built-in RFID chip) is fixed to the basket-handlebar assembly. This assembly is fitted without the need for welding.