The FlexBike management application is built around a central database which communicates with all the bicycle racks in the system.  System users may consult the data via on screen interfaces adapted to their level of access : System Administrator, Customer service agent or Maintenance agent. To use the system, it is not necessary to install any software other than a standard internet browser.  It is necessary to have an internet connection.

Principal features of the software:

  • Central database.
  • Administration/Customer service/Maintenance user access levels and interfaces.
  • User management.
  • User identification by RFID card and PIN.
  • Simple management of pre-payment accounts.
  • Possibility of renting more than one bicycle at a time (the actual number can be specified for each user).
  • Possibility of blocking a card or user (blacklisting).
  • Interactive map showing locations of bicycle stations with real-time indication of the number of bicycles and free spaces (locks) available at each station.
  • Management of the FlexBike racks.
  • Management of maintenance tasks for both bicycles and rental stations.
  • Locate and immobilise individual bicycles.
  • Automatic alerts for faults, missing/unused bicycles.
  • Price management.
  • Easy access to data and statistics. Export to Excel.